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Once again we have come up with some good ideas (we hope so) in order to offer you and your family an unforgettable day in the UNESCO World Heritage Bletterbach area. In addition to a range of different hiking tours and guided GEOTours, we have scheduled a series of events, too… many things are already booked, some others are currently being processed!

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Orchid hiking tour

Well, we admit that our orchids are very small and do not really attract your attention. However, at second glance they are gust aswell fascinating as their tropical parents. During this guided tours, our orchid’s expert Johann Madl accompanies you on the way to explore over 20 orchid species in the UNESCO World Heritage area.

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Bletterbach – source of strenght and power

Bletterbach – source of strenght and power: Leave behind the stress of every day life and sense the stimulating effect of natural elements: during this excursion with Kneipp-coach Rita Bodner you will experience the healing power of nature and of water. A lot of tipps will help you to worry less about every-day-stress.

05.07.2020 | 04.08.2019

Geological hiking tour with palaeontologist Evelyn Kustatscher

The palaeontologist working at the Museum of Nature South Tyrol, passes on her knowledge to visitors, provides interesting information about the habitats, and the creation of plant fossils and dinosaur traces of 260 million years ago. She also explains the scientific meaning of the UNESCO World Heritage.

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Stone and wild herbs

A variety of wild herbs prosper in the GEOPARC Bletterbach, and their different benefits in everyday life are at the core of this hiking tour themed “rocks and wild herbs”.