Family hiking tours

In the case of families with children participating in guided tours, our GEOPARC guides will fine-tune hiking tours to be not only informative and educational for adults, but also playful and adventurous for children.

Bletterbach for kids …

Water, rocks and stones and earth, as well as a fascinating world of saga and legends, doing handicrafts with natural materials and exploring the forest with its animals – these are the topics of children’s programmes “Bletterbach for kids”. They are available for children aged between 6 and 12 on Wednesdays starting at 10.00 am at the Visitor Centre in Aldino-Aldein in July and August.

Our programme for children 2019

Parents and assistants have the possibility to participate in the guided tour through the Bletterbach gorge, starting at 10.30 am.

  • 3 - 4 hours
  • 8.00€ for children, 32.00€ familyticket
  • the day before by 5 pm at the Visitor Centre
  • min. 5 children