With good weather, the path through the canyon is quite easy for experienced hikers. Being equipped with good shoe wear, however, is very important. In case of rainy weather, storms and cool or cold temperatures, we strongly advise you to refrain from starting undertakings through the canyon. Please inform yourself about the current weather conditions shortly before you start: at the Visitor Centre in Aldino-Aldein or at the GEOMuseum in Redagno-Radein. Helmets are available free of charge.

Important notice for dog owners: the hiking tour through the Bletterbach gorge is feasible also for dogs; however, along the GEOPath there are several sections with iron ladders. Risks of injury for your four-legged friend are thus quite high! Should you want to take your dog into the canyon anyway, please do so only on a leash in order to respect other visitors.

For your safety along your hiking tour through the Bletterbach gorge, please observe the following rules:

  • Due to danger of rock fall, wearing a helmet is compulsory for everyone. Helmets free of charge available at the Visitor Centre of Aldino-Aldein and at the GEOMuseum of Redagno-Radein. Please show your ID-card.
  • In case of frost and/or snow melting and in case of rainy weather and storms, we strongly advise you to refrain from undertaking tours through the canyon due to increased risks leading to rock fall and slipping.
  • The path through the canyon is quite easy for experienced hikers. However, steady shoe wear with hiking shoe soles are necessary.
  • Please stay on the marked trails.
  • Please do not stay under steep rock walls.
  • Should you observe or hear detachment of rock material or stones, move away immediately from the dangerous spot.
  • Please keep an eye on the weather conditions throughout the day. Should a storm surprise you during your hiking tour, exit the canyon choosing the shortest way possible.
  • Mobile reception spots are signposted (reception only outside the canyon). Local emergency call: 118. European emergency call: 112.
  • Please respect nature – take your litter with you!

In case of emergency:

  • Rescue the person from the dangerous area
  • Zustand des Verletzten kontrollieren
  • Check the injured person’s condition Make an emergency call: 118; European emergency call: 112
    – What has happened?
    – Where has it happened? Tell the number of the next poster panel and say if you are located in the Bletterbach gorge or on the forest path.
    – When has it happened?
    – How many injured people are there?
    – Who is calling?
    – Describe the weather conditions at the place of accident
  • Provide first aid

The hiking tours through and around the Bletterbach gorge are undertaken at your own risk.

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