The Saurian trail

A journey through time and space

Millions of years have passed since the rocks and fossils of the Bletterbach Gorge were first formed. That is an unimaginably long stretch of time compared to the lifetime of a human being.

The Saurian Trail will take you on a journey to the Permian, about 260 million years ago. Families with children, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, people out for an easy stroll, and also more adventurous hikers can immerse in a day in the history of the Bletterbach, trace the tracks of prehistoric reptiles and compare ancient plants with modern-day species. They can understand how scientists work and which the conclusions they reach for the challenges of our present time.

The trail starts at the big parking of the Visitor Centre and proceeds on a little circular walk to the Lahneralm hut and back to the parking. It is perfect for families with children and elderly people, as well as for all curious hikers. The educational trail through the forest leads along a broad, gravelled path accessible with a wheelchair (help needed) as well as with a pram. The singular stops are designed interactively, invite you to discover and touch and encourage small and big children to embark on an adventure journey that ends at a themed playground next to the Lahneralm. An experience for the whole family!

Lilly & Tim

Would you like to hunt for the tracks and traces of little and big saurians just like real scientists?

Then the new GEOPARC Bletterbach Saurian Trail is just the place for you!

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