The project

The GEOPARC Bletterbach is a project launched by the Community of Aldino-Aldein, including the establishment of the following areas:

Funding is based on target no. 2 of the programme’s framework: the Community of Aldino-Aldein, the provincial Department for Nature, landscape and spatial development of South Tyrol, the EU and state financing. In 2013, the GEOMuseum in Redagno-Radein was incorporated into the GEOPARC Bletterbach.

On January 8th 2014 the Government of South Tyrol decided upon the enhancement of the Aldino-Aldein Visitor Centre adding an area of 600 m² (1,968 ft²) in order to adapt the existing facilities to the latest requirements. In the enhanced Centre, visitors should be provided with a first overview of the gorge’s geological structure and of geological history. Moreover, an exhibition on the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage will be installed.

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