Educational trail through the forest

Most people are not aware of
the incredible beauty of this world and
the stunning magnificence lying
within the smallest things,
unveiled by a single flower or a random stone,
by the bark of a tree or a little birch leaf.

Rainer Maria Rilke

This quote is on one of the ten poster panels along the educational trail through the forest. Using only a few words, Rilke gets exactly to the point, and we share his thoughts and pass them on to our visitors: take your time to have a closer look, and treat nature with care.

The trail starts at the big parking of the Visitor Centre, and proceeds on a little circular walk to the Laneralm hut and back to the parking. It is perfect for families with children and elderly people, as well as for all curious hikers. The educational trail through the forest leads along a broad, gravelled path accessible with a wheelchair as well as with a pram. Different topics displayed on the ten poster panels along the way are in close connection with life in the forest. Reports are about wild bees, frogs and woodpeckers, mushrooms, different types of moss and lichen, insects and sheep as well as about the forest itself, and larch-covered meadows. Hopefully at the end of the tour, visitors have changed their attitude towards forests and nature.